12V battery level monitor Circuit

Last Updated on April 14, 2024

This circuit contains LM3914 ic, it is also called as dot/bar display driver. It sense magnitude of input analog signal and drives up to 10 LEDs. We can select the mode of display as dot or bar depends on our need, here connecting pin number 9 into positive supply gives graph output otherwise IC gives dot display.

We can use this IC to monitor 12Volt battery level. Power supply need for this circuit can be obtained from input battery supply. LED D1 to D10 shows the level of battery. By using simple components we can measure the battery level with the use of LM3914.

Updated circuit with PCB files here: Battery Level Indicator Circuit

12V battery level monitor

Components List

1.IC LM39141
3.Resistor 56KΩ
Resistor 18KΩ
Resistor 4.7KΩ
4.Variable Resistor 10 KΩ1

Sensitivity of this circuit can be adjusted by Variable Resistor 10 KΩ (R3).

Updated Version

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