Current Control Circuit for LED

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

This Current Control Circuit for LED constructed to derive 1W power LED array, the IC MAX16832 is a step down constant current high brightness LED driver. You can design a LED bulbs, LED illumination applications or other power LED based lighting application by using MAX16832.

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are Semiconductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through then in forward bias. LEDs are have high sensitivity to changes in current and voltage input. Giving Constant Current input to the LEDs are essential for several reasons. For Brightness and Color uniformity, Efficiency, Flicker free operation and Temperature stability are notable reasons for importance of constant current to LEDs.

Circuit diagram


Components List

1.IC MAX168321
2.1Watt white LED5
3.Transistor BC547
Transistor BC557
4.Diode 1N40071
5.Schottky diode 1N58191
6.Resistor 10KΩ
7.Capacitor – 1µF/50V2
8.Switch SPDT
On/off Switch

Construction & Working

This circuit constructed with self PWM oscillation circuit and option for external PWM input hence you can choose the PWM signal from internal source / external source, by varying the PWM pulse LED brightness level varies in wide range.

MAX16832 series from Maxim Integrated is a 2MHz, High-Brightness LED Drivers with Integrated MOSFET and High-Side Current Sense Integrated Circuit. It operates with +6.5V to +65V broad input voltage range and gives output current up to 700mA to 1 Amps. Output current is adjusted using a high-side current-sense resistor, allowing for precise control over the LED current. MAX16832 feature a dedicated PWM input for pulsed LED dimming, enabling a wide range of brightness levels by varying the PWM input signal. MAX16832 provides analog dimming capability, allowing reduction of output current by applying an external DC voltage. It comes in an 8-pin SO package, suitable for Automotive interior / exterior lighting, LED bulbs, and various LED illumination applications.

Data sheet you can get here MAX16832A-MAX16832C

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