Tiny SMPS Power Modules

Power supply is essential For Electronic circuits and components, depends on the circuit requirement we use different types of power sources like Unregulated DC, Regulated DC, LDO, Constant VI DC, Switched Mode Power Supply and Battery power etc.., Due to the development of Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Sensors, MEMS, we always depend on Noiseless Constant Voltage, Current power supply. SMPS are best option recent decades, Our requirement is not stopping there because of power sensitive Microcontrollers, Embedded systems and IoT (Internet of Things), Now the market requires PCB Mountable SMPS, Tiny SMPS modules and so on. This article gives you a list of recent Tiny SMPS Power Modules available in the market.

What is SMPS?

Before that lets recall what is SMPS, To get Constant high efficient Voltage and Current without power fluctuations due to input supply changes a circuit designed called SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply), SMPS are Vacuum tube old and there is talk IBM created this kind of circuit during 1958. Ok, The name it self revels some details about SMPS that is, it works based on the Switching pulse. Key Components of a SMPS system are 1. Rectifier 2. Filter 3. Pulse Oscillator Controller 4. Switching Device. When you look at the above Typical SMPS Block diagram you can find those four stages. Switching frequency of this device is changes in according to the feedback and error so we get constant DC Supply output irrespective of AC supply input.

PCB Mount SMPS Power Modules

1. ECL10 Series – xppower

10W PCB and chassis mount AC-DC power supplies from xppower, Suitable for low power ITE and industrial electronics applications. Comes in 1.95 (L) X 1.00 (W) X 0.90 (H) inches open frame PCB Mount type and othe packages are also available. It can take 85 to 264 VAC with 47 to 63 Hz frequency and gives fixed output depends on model (from 3.3 VDC to 48 VDC), power ranges from 4.3 Watt to 10 Watt. It consumes less than 0.3 W during No load condition.

Product page: https://www.xppower.com/product/ECL10-Series

2. PSK-3D Series – cui INC

PSK-3D Series encapsulated AC-DC SMPS power supply from CUI INC is Compact tiny PCB mount module, It can deliver 3 watt of continuous power. It can take input AC supply from 85 to 305 VAC with minimum 47 Hz to Maximum 63 Hz frequency. This module contains internal Over Current, Over voltage and Short circuit protection. Comes in 1 (L) X 1 (W) X 0.69 (H) inches Encapsulated platic package. Different Voltage and Current output Modules are available in the above size package.

Product page: https://www.cui.com/product/internal-ac-dc-power-supplies/board-mount/psk-3d-series

3. TMLM series – tracopower

TMLM series smps module from tracopower delivers output power from 4 watt to 20 watt in a PCB Mount package. It can take input AC supply from 90 VAC to 264 VAC with 47 Hz to 440 Hz and Gives fixed DC output ranges from 3.3 VDC / 1.2 A to 24 VDC / 0.8 A depends on the models. This Module contains Current limitation, Short circuit protection and Overvoltage protection features. This module comes in 1.44 (L) X 1.06 (W) X 0.67 (H) inches plastic fully encapsulated package.

Product page: https://www.tracopower.com/int/series/tmlm

4. RAC05E-K Series – Recom

RAC05E-K Series from Recom is a tiny SMPS module in a fully encapsulated plastic package with Dimensions of 37.0 (L) X 24.0 (W) X 18.0 (H) size in mm. This module takes 100 to 240 VAC supply as input and gives fixed output from 5 to 24 VDC depends on the module. Output current ranges from 1000 mA to 208 mA and it consumes less than 100 mW during no load operation. This module is suitable for IoT applications and Handheld Electronics applications.

Product page: https://recom-power.com/en/products/ac-dc-power-supplies/ac-dc-pcb-mounted/rec-s-RAC05E-K.html?3

If you know Some more tiny SMPS power modules – Share it in Comment Section.

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