AC Powered 230V LED Circuit

Simple and low cost solution for lighting is AC powered 230V LED circuit, here the High Bright white LEDs are connected to the AC power source with the help of few Rectification Components without any stepdown transformers.

Hence the cost of this circuit may few bucks and the output light worth few dollars.

Circuit Diagram

Construction & Working

This circuit constructed to glow up some LEDs without any step down transformer, the AC Power supply is step down by using polyester capacitor (0.47µF / 400V), Resistor 470KΩ 1/4 Watt and Bridge rectifier components. Due to barrier produced by these components AC mains reduced to lower level and converted into DC supply.

47µF/25V electrolytic capacitor at the output of bridge rectifier filters the DC output and zener diode 16V/1 watt regulates the DC output from rectifier. Five high bright white LEDs are connected in series and powered by the rectifier circuit. When power supply given to this circuit the resistor and polyester capacitor gives barrier to the ac mains and reduce into lower level the rectifier bridge converts this lower AC supply into DC  and filter capacitor, zener diode regulates the DC output finally the DC supply given to the LED array.

This circuit involves in operating High Voltage that can give lethal shock, Handle with Extreme caution.

Polyester Capacitor

The Voltage dropping capacitor 0.47uF / 400V or 474k / 400V X rated capacitor is a power line filter capacitor mostly used for to reduce the AC supply through Capacitive Reactance property.


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  1. Thanks for this. Can you give some background as to how you go about sizing the components? I have an array of 24v 120watt LED strips I wish to power like this.

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