Step Down Transformer

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Transformers are made of Iron core and copper wire winding some times core may be the ferrite materials, on the whole transformers are used to transfer the energy between winding coils through electro magnetic induction.

We know that varying current flow in a coil Induce magnetic flux and the opposite varying magnetic flux on the coil induce the current flow on this basis transformers are performs.

Step down Transformer

Three different step down transformer symbols are shown, each one having primary winding and secondary winding, the core made of Iron or ferrite material, the windings are mostly made of Insulated copper wires. The step down transformer used to step down the input voltage and current ratings, and it gives low amplitude voltage and current output through two wires.

Step down transformer center tapped is having one primary winding and secondary winding with split in center and gives two secondary output with common center point example 12V-0-12V.

Step down transformer multiple secondary gives two different output or more with different secondary coils example 0-12V, 0-18V in same secondary side transformer, some multiple secondary transformers gives different current level outputs.

Parts of Step down Transformer

Every Transformer have three parts they are Primary winding, Secondary winding and Iron core. Primary winding have more turns compared to secondary, and secondary have fewer turns using thick wire compared to primary, the Iron cores are made of separate plates to avoid eddy current loss.

How it Works?

Not too technical! just the step down transformer does amplitude and current reduction depends on the secondary winding & primary winding ratio and flux flow over the core.

Physical View

Step down Transformer

Step down Transformer Center Tapped


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