Wireless Charging, The Future of Charging

Last Updated on March 16, 2024



Where is the Charging cable?? this is the Question mostly asked by ourselves when lead to Recharge the electronic devices (Mobile,…) You may heard about Wireless charging Technology. It is time to get rid of charging cables yes we are going to charge the device wireless. Some mobile companies are already entered in this concept and making good device that is capable of wireless charging, this article about to give some basic idea and how the wireless charging works.

Electronic Power Transmission Methods without Wires

The power, Voltage, Current etc…, Calculations, Formula…..Stop let me directly come to the point, we need a conductor (copper, aluminium…) for current flow, without conductor short range of power transmission is possible now (It may change in future).


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Capacitive Wireless Charging Method

This method uses two plates near to each other and transfers static voltage energy. It needs close space between transmitter and receiver plates and it is capable of transferring little high voltage.


Inductive Wireless Charging method

This Inductive Charging method referred as Electromagnetic induction and Magnetic resonance method, and it is widely used now for Mobile phone wireless charging.

The basic about Inductive wireless charging is Maxwell’s theory: Changing Magnetic field from a Coil Induces Current in nearby Coupled Coil.

The Induced current rectified and regulated by the Receiver end and then power is transferred to the charging battery.


Future of Wireless Charging


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