LA4440 Amplifier Circuit Board

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

LA4440 is a two channel 6W Monolithic Linear IC power amplifier, By using built in two channel we can amplify stereo audio signal and make bridge amplifier applications, It will give 6W output when in dual stage and gives 19W in Bridge stage. LA4440 amplifier circuit board designed with minimum external components and it can be used as breakout board for audio amplification purpose.

This LA4440 amplifier IC is most suitable for low power audio applications, it has good ripple rejection as 46dB and has good channel separation. This IC gives low distortion over a wide range from low frequencies to highfrequencies. It has built in thermal protector how ever using heat sink is better practice.

LA4440 has overvoltage, surge voltage protector and pin-to-pin short protector. These specific features are makes the LA4440 as a unique audio amplifier.

LA4440 Circuit Diagram

Construction and Working

This circuit is designed to provide stereo amplification to the input audio signal, Pin numbers 2 and 6 takes audio input signals, from pin 10 and 12 amplified output audio signal taken out. Maximum supply voltage to this Amplifier is +18V and it operates in -20 to +75 °C temperature.

Here Vcc is applied as +12V and recommended Load resistance for Stereo is 2 to 8 ohms and for Bridge is 4 to 8 ohms. This amplifier gives 30K ohms input resistance, By adding input variable resistor we can control output volume. Use bridge rectifier with regulated output for better response.


Components Layout

This PCB contains only Amplifier Cicuit and needs separate power supply circuit. This circuit can be used as stereo amplifier breakout, connect two 8 ohms speaker for better audio output. Pin number 4 is Audio muting pin and purposely open, Pin number 8 is power amplifier Ground 2 (Gnd 2) it is also purposely open.

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  1. I’ve used electrolytic capacitors for C10 and C11 which are of 1micro Farad capacitance.
    Will that makes a problem? Bcz my circuit is not working..

  2. I used to make circuit board and installation of amplifiers and all in Sri Lanka and solve my problems THANKING YOU

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