Parallel Resistor Calculator

We bring you an easy to use calculator to Calculate the equivalent resistance value parallel Resistors, this calculator helps you to calculate up to six parallel Resistors.

Parallel Resistor Calculator

Parallel Resistor Calculator

Total Resistance:

When you are in urge to know the total resistance of a parallel resistors or trying to get particular Resistance value by connecting Resistors in parallel, you can use this online Parallel Resistor Calculator, This will support up to 6 parallel resistor values, beyond that you should calculate manually ( just kidding - who use more than six parallel Resistors ) In the first Number of Resistors drop down list choose the number of parallel resistors you want to calculate. Enter the value of each Resistor in the field then hit the Calculate button and you will get the Result in ohms Ω.

How to Calculate Total Resistance of Parallel Resistors?

By using Ohm's Law we can Calculate parallel Resistance vale, As we know the Voltage (V) is Same in the parallel Resistors. But the Current (I) gets divided in each branches.

To Calculate Total Resistance Rtotal in parallel circuit,

To Calculate Total Current in parallel circuit,

Parallel Resistors are used in many ways,

  • To get Desired Resistance Values.
  • To form Voltage Divider
  • To limit the following of Current
  • To get Signal Attenuation
  • even more..,

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