Fluorescent lamp driver

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Here is the Simple and easy to make fluorescent lamp driver circuit using Timer IC 555 and Step down transformer, Most Emergency lamps are using Fluorescent bulb next to LEDs. A fluorescent lamp is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor, generating ultraviolet light. This UV light interacts with a phosphorescent coating inside the lamp, causing it to emit visible light. Known for energy efficiency and longevity, fluorescent lamps have advantages over incandescent bulbs. However, they may have drawbacks like a brief warm-up period and trace amounts of mercury.

In this circuit Timer IC 555 Configured as Astable Multivibrator and Step down transformer used in reverse that is applying switching pulse to Secondary winding and Inducing High pulsated AC at the Primary winding. Depends on the Fluorescent lamp we need to tune the Oscillating frequency of Timer IC by using Variable Resistor VR1.

Fluorescent lamp driver

Components List

  1. F8T5/CW 8W T5 12″ Cool White 4100k Fluorescent Light Bulb (or) 6″ 4W fluorescent lamp
  2. step down transformer 230VAC to 0-3VAC / 500mA
  3. IC NE555P Timer
  4. Transistor BD243C
  5. Potentiometer 4.7KΩ
  6. Capacitor 100nF
  7. Resistor 1.5KΩ = 2

Construction and Working

This circuit is constructed with timer IC555 as pulse driver for fluorescent light, the timer IC is configured as multi-vibrator by the timing resistors R1, VR1 and capacitor C1. Output switching pulse is taken from pin 3, this pulse duration can be varied by varying VR1 resistor. Use Astable Multivibrator Calculator for Frequency Calculations.

The transistor BD243C acts as switching transistor, here stepdown transformer (0-3V) is used to drive 4 watts fluorescent lamp. The lamp is connected at the primary winding, switching circuit is connected at the secondary winding, by the switching pulse EMF is produced at secondary winding this EMF induces primary winding hence by step up process high voltage is produced at primary, this is enough to drive 4 watts fluorescent lamp by connecting battery and charger circuit we can use it as emergency light.

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