Top 10 Electronic Circuits-April 2016

Last Updated on March 16, 2024

Hi ūüôā and Welcome to our website, we publish brand new circuits, schematics and blog articles every day, by tracking and analyzing those posts based on viewers interest at the every month end we list out top 10 electronic circuits.

Top 10 Electronic Circuits-April 2016   

  1. Interfacing 4×4 keypad with Arduino

Many projects needs keypads, the common 4√ó4 keypad has sixteen keys (hex input). To construct this keypad you need sixteen push buttons and skills to make row and columns between switches.

2. Interface Ultrasonic sensor hc-sr 04 with Arduino

The HC-SR 04 is famous ultrasonic range sensor, and its very easy to use with many microcontrollers. This article will give you idea about to interface ultrasonic sensor with arduino board.
Here the circuit constructed for to identify the range limit with warning beep sound. This circuit have minimum components such as arduino development board, ultrasonic sensor HC-SR 04 and a buzzer.

3. Zener Diode tutorial

A zener diode or Breakdown diode is a PN diode specially designed for operation in the breakdown region in the reverse bias condition. This diode operates in zener breakdown or avalanche breakdown, However the word zener is used for all components having sharp breakdown characteristics in reverse direction.

4. AC to DC 12V Regulated Power supply

In Many electronic projects output actuators or output device needs 12 volt regulated power supply like, LCD, Graphic Lcd and DC geared motors. This Circuit brings Regulated 12 Volt DC from bridge rectifier and a IC7812, this circuit uses 100uF capacitor as a simple filter to remove large ac ripples form rectified DC, and the capacitor 0.1uF capacitor removes small size ac ripples from Regulated DC output.

5. Interfacing GLCD with Arduino

You can display your photo and selfie or pictures in glcd! (Graphic Liquid Crystal Display) to make this happen you have to follow some steps. First have arduino mega borad and glcd display and then some connecting wires.

6. Solar Power Mobile Charger Circuit

This circuit helps you to charge your mobile phone battery and also some rechargeable battery with solar energy, before trying this circuit take extra care in battery polarity and current rating, if anything goes wrong the battery         might explode.

7. Photocell (LDR) Sensor with Arduino

LDR (light depended resistor) or photocell sensor, when the light falls on this sensor resistance across the device gets low otherwise when the light intensity decreases the resistance of photocell increases.

8. Tilt Switch Arduino schematics

The small inexpensive easy to use sensor, it allows you to detect orientation or inclination. By connecting this tilt sensor with arduino we can control LED, buzzer or other output devices.

9. Temperature Level Bar graph using LM35 with Arduino

The bar graph LED output is very easy to understand the level of output. Here we used LM35 three pin temperature sensor and arduino uno to take input from LM35 and to control array of LED.

10. PIR Sensor with Arduino

The PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor widely used for motion detection applications. This is suitable for low cost motion detection and alarm projects. This low power PIR sensor detects the movement of human in or out of the sensor range.

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